You Can’t Out-Hustle Artificial Intelligence


You can’t out-work a machine.  


If you intend to achieve success in your sales career by “hustle” alone, you’re in for a surprise.  It’s a path to failure.


Artificial Intelligence is remarkably good at basic patterns.  If your version of “personalizing” your outreach involves a basic pattern like “I see you’re in ___ role” or “I see you’re in ___ industry”, and then hitting send, you’ll soon find AI taking over more and more of your role.


Careers in sales can be long, productive, and satisfying.  However, that relies on building new relationships each and every quarter, and investing in them throughout your career.  If you start a new quarter with your numbers reset to zero and no relationships built from the previous quarter that you can rely on, you will find the treadmill just spins faster and faster.


If you look at your territory and see numbers but not relationships, you will find that accounts can easily be transferred from you to another, younger, less well compensated sales person.  Your efforts to out-hustle everyone on the team will quickly become a race to the bottom.


Hustle is not a path to success.  Hustle is a path to mediocrity and replaceability.

For Gmail, Outreach, and Salesforce.

The Path to Success is to Build

Build relationships.  Build trust.  Build empathy.  Build familiarity.


If you focus your sales efforts on building, you will set yourself up for success.  If each interaction is unique and selfless, you will build real relationships with people.  If your timeframe is a career, not a quarter, you will look for ways to build trust by helping others, and those efforts will pay back greatly over time.


If you focus on being human and seeing the humanity in others, you will share a connection with others that is based on empathy and compassion.  Those are things that AI cannot replicate.  Your skills will not be replaced by a machine.


If you focus every day on building relationships that last a lifetime, you will not start each quarter with your numbers reset to zero.  You will start with a foundation that no one else has and that cannot be replicated or transferred away.  If you have built relationships and trust you will find that your value as a sales person is fully recognized as it’s irreplaceable.


Success is Built.  Build Yours.

For Gmail, Outreach, and Salesforce.
  • “Installed Nudge for Chrome today. Needless to say, it’s badass. After 5 mins, I uninstalled Rapportive and will be using Nudge daily. Love the fact I can add people to a list from my inbox!”

    Patrick Tracy
    Patrick Tracy Account Executive, SalesLoft

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