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LinkedIn State of Sales 2017: Top 5 Social Selling Statistics

By Jaxson Khan in Sales

Sales technology is changing the game for sales pros. From professional social networking sites like LinkedIn to CRM and productivity apps; sales teams are investing more every year on new technology and using it to grow their business. Technology helps them build trust with prospects and customers, which is a crucial ingredient to the sales process. Trust helps them build good relationships, which are the cornerstone of a successful sales process.

LinkedIn recently published a report on sales technology, its adoption, and success, and we wanted to highlight some of the more powerful statistics in there for B2B leaders.

More than 50% of sales pros use tech today to generate & manage accounts

Sales pros are using technology more than ever to generate new accounts and manage relationships with prospects and customers.

  • 50% of those focused on managing and growing accounts are using collaboration tools to maintain and nurture relationships.
  • 60% of sales professionals whose job is generating new accounts report using collaboration tools.

91% of sales pros use tech throughout the sales cycle

Sales pros are using technology to shorten the sales cycle, close bigger deals, and grow company revenue. Nearly the same amount (90%) say that technology is “important” or “very important” for closing deals.

55% of sale pros expect investment in tech to increase this year

With so much use of technology by sales pros, it makes sense that they expect their companies to continue investing in it. As a result, more than half (55%) expect their employers to increase tech investments this year.

62% of sales pros use social networks to build trust & brand awareness with buyers

As fans and proponents of social selling, we’re not surprised to hear that more than half of top sales pros attribute their success to social networking (62%). “Salespeople no longer aim for the steak dinner and the hard sell; these days they opt for a softer, more strategic approach by mixing both online and offline experiences and establishing themselves as trusted advisors,” the LinkedIn report says. And we agree.

Sales pros are using social platforms to build a professional brand for themselves and their company, giving out helpful information about their company and products, as well as demonstrating their industry knowledge. This is important as buyers want to know who they’re dealing with beyond the deal that’s being discussed.

Which brings us to the last stat we wanted to highlight.

77% of buyers won’t engage with sales pros who don’t make an effort to know them

Especially when it comes to B2B enterprise-level products. These types of purchases aren’t made quickly or in the dark, so it’s important for sales pros to get to know their buyers and prospects. There has to be a certain level of trust between buyer and seller before anyone signs a sales agreement. Sales technology helps establish that trust because it enhances the seller’s ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a prospect. Add in the social network brand awareness and you’ve created a strong bond that will lead to much success for all involved.

Technology is changing the sales game – beyond LinkedIn

As a sales tech company, we realize how influential tech and AI can be in sales. We’ve gone all in with tech, dedicating ourselves to helping sales professionals around the world grow and evolve. Whether you use a simple professional networking site to a robust, sales AI like Nudge, the fact is technology is becoming more entrenched in the life of a sales pro. Pros are using it to build trust with prospects and customers, creating a stronger relationship with them, and building an unshakeable foundation for a successful sales process.

Jaxson Khan
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