Manage Your Network

From instant data capture and relationship measurement to AI-based insights on dynamic lists, Nudge lets you work on the relationships, not the data.

manage your network

Automatic Data Capture and Cleanse

Manual logging of data or scanning of business cards is time consuming, error prone, and boring.
Nudge does this automatically to map and model your entire network.


Understand every person and company you have interacted with, all done automatically from your daily interactions.

automatic data capture
intelligent model

Intelligent Model of Every Person and Company

Companies have multiple names, people change jobs or use different email addresses. All of this contributes to the data in most CRM systems being so messy that it’s unusable.


Nudge uses artificial intelligence to solve this problem, creating a clear view of each person and company in your network regardless of the underlying messy data.

Never lose touch

Managing your network is more than just managing data. You need to ensure that you never lose touch with the key companies and people you need relationships with.


Nudge automatically monitors your relationships and alerts you, based on your own thresholds, when you begin to lose touch with any account.  Quick templates help to re-engage and re-build each relationship.


Relationship Strength Mapping

Nudge tracks the data on people and companies in your network, but more importantly, Nudge also tracks the strength of each relationship.


Easily understand which relationships you have that are strong, which are decaying, and which you may want to invest in and build.  Nudge measures every relationship without any manual work on your part.

Daily Insights on Your Network

Once Nudge has scanned your network, simply indicate which people and companies you want to build relationships with, and what kind of insights allow you to start conversations, and we’ll do the rest.


Nudge’s artificial intelligence algorithms will scan for any of your prospects in the news or social media, and deliver to you a daily summary of the top sales insights that you can use to build the relationships you need.

daily insights
dynamic target

Dynamic Target List Creation

Let Nudge keep track of every interaction you are having and present you with a view of the new interactions each week and the people and accounts you are losing touch with.


Indicate which of those people and companies you’d like to maintain a relationship with, and Nudge will ensure you don’t lose touch.


Ready to start closing deals?