Analyze your Network analyzes everything about your network and your networking, so you can understand how effective you are and how you compare to your peers.

Analyze your Account Relationships

Understand the accounts you are selling to in an unprecedented way. See how many strong and how many active relationships you have at each account, and immediately understand where you need to focus to drive increased success.

Measure your relationship-building performance at each account and focus on the optimal relationships to build.

Track and Measure Your Performance

Relationships grow as you put in effort, and decay over time as you neglect them. Use Nudge’s relationship intelligence platform to monitor how you are doing each week.

Keep your network growing, and your relationships healthy, and you will set yourself up for long term business success. Let your relationships weaken, and the opposite might become true.

Analyze Each Account In Depth

Nudge provides you with understanding of your relationships from the highest level, all the way to the detail of an individual account.

Understand at a glance what levels and roles within each organization you have strong relationships with. Navigate accounts in your pipeline based on solid analysis and data.

Get Instant Analysis of your Network

From the moment you get Nudge, you’ll know where you stand. We analyze your network and show you performance across many dimensions.

Understand how your overall network has grown in the past year. See what cities your network is strongest in. View the strong relationships you have, or the people that you are losing touch with.

From the moment you sign up with Nudge you’ll gain a clearer sense of your network performance and where you need to invest for success.

Relationship Data in Context

Every interaction you have with someone in your network is magnified by the relationship history and analysis that Nudge provides.

Each interaction in Gmail, Outlook, or will show your relationship strength and communication history so you can build upon that history quickly and easily.

Enterprise Grade Analytics just for You

Understand everything about your accounts and relationships that you would with our enterprise grade relationship intelligence product.

See your activity, engagement, relationships, insights, and coverage, and use that insight to guide your own behaviour and efforts. Grow a more robust network, build more business success, or benchmark against your peers.