Leverage Your Organization's Network

Nudge.ai enables accelerators, innovation hubs, venture capital firms, and more to leverage their networks to drive business growth.

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Build Portfolio Value


If you have an investment portfolio or community of companies that you want to add value to, there’s no better way than through their networks. Each founder or CEO knows a large number of key contacts and would be glad to help other community CEOs and founders.


Show each of them the power of your combined networks through relationship intelligence.  Leverage the network effect to build disproportionate value among your portfolio companies.

Be Alerted to Important Events


When a business you are looking to build a relationship with has important news, you need to know quickly.  Nudge uses artificial intelligence to monitor the companies you care about for the events that matter.


Know about exec changes, new product announcements, major initiatives, scandals, and more, all in real-time.

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Know Who Owns A Relationship

Who is already having conversations with your target? Until now, unless your team actively logged these activities, there’s no easy way of you knowing.


Nudge automatically tracks conversations to show who in your organization is already speaking to whom, so you can get introduced and broaden engagement with another company or organization.

Be In The Know

Business changes quickly. Nudge monitors the news for relevant events on the companies in your porfolio or community, and sends you a daily brief on the events you have deemed interesting and relevant.


Look for opportunities to progress each relationship based on events in their business.

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Stay In Touch with Key Stakeholders

Networks are built over the long term, and your organization needs to ensure that you keep in touch with key execs, founders, and partners over many months or years.


Nudge ensures that you never lose touch by monitoring for any person or company you want to keep in touch with, but have not communicated with recently.

Leverage Industry Super-Connectors


Advisors, partners, investors, and experts can all act as “super connectors” who can connect your team to new industries, new geographies, and new skill areas.


Have super-connectors who you have strong relationships with join your team to amplify the effectiveness of your organization.

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Find Connectors In New Markets


Expanding to new geographies, industries, or areas can be daunting. Power is concentrated in the hands of a few connectors within those markets, and until you understand who they are it can be difficult to break in.


Nudge can help you understand the connectors and influencers in each area.

Ready to start building real relationship value in your portfolio?