Nudge in 90 Seconds – Find Pathways into an Account

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Product Spotlight


When you’re in Nudge, you can always see which of your Collaborators have real relationships at a company.

This relationship intelligence lets you find the best pathway into an account.


Finding Real Relationships

You can either search for a company from your main menu, or click on a Company List, and scroll to find the company you’re looking for.

Once you select a company and land on its main company page, you’ll see a few tabs.

Click the first tab called Relationships.

Here, you’ll see a list of your Collaborators on the left and a list of contacts at the company on the right.

Your Collaborator with the most relationships will pop to the top of the list, and you can then see exactly who they know, and how well they know them.

You can also switch to another Collaborator, and then see their relationships.

This will let you find the best pathway into an account.

From there, you can Ask for an Intro, or even just name drop for a warmer reach out.

Menaka Raman-Wilms
Customer Success Manager