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Nudge in 90 seconds – Relationship Strength

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Product Spotlight


Nudge is the only sales tool that tracks your relationships in real-time. Being able to see this relationship strength will help you build relationships, and ultimately grow your sales.

Since we track the strength of your relationship with every contact in your network, you can always see where you’re developing relationships, and when you’re losing touch with customers.


How Nudge Tracks Relationship Strength

Nudge uses your calendar and email communication with a contact to determine your relationship strength.

We look at how long you’ve known a person, and how often you communicate with the person.

If you’ve been emailing someone for a long time, that relationship takes longer to weaken. But if you just met someone and very quickly stopped talking, that relationship will drop to weak fast.

As soon as you start emailing someone, or book a meeting with them, your relationship will start being tracked.


Where to See Relationship Strength

When you’re in Nudge, you can see your relationship with all of your contacts. That’s the core of relationship intelligence.

When you click on a contact, you’ll see your current relationship with them in green. Your relationship is also represented by the dark green wi-fi bars on their picture.

The more green bars, the stronger the relationship. If your relationship was stronger before, you’ll see that represented in light green.

On any profile, you can always click Relationship History to see when you emailed or met with that person.


How to Use Relationship Strength

Since your relationships are always in flux, you can see in real-time who you’re losing touch with. Then you can use Nudge insights to reach out.

When you’re on a list of contacts or customers, you can see the relationship strength in the far right column. You can also filter the list by who you’re losing touch with.

To see your relationship strength with contacts, log into your Nudge account and click on your contacts, or look at the relationships on any of your lists.

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