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By Jaxson Khan in Nudge News

Check out the new free eBook from Skill Labs which names as one of the top 10 best social selling automation tools.

The authors, Creation Agency, highlight that: acts as a dashboard for sales people to keep on top of their network, interaction with prospects and to create tasks for themselves to carry out in order to move prospects down the sales funnel. The tool focuses on email relationships and Twitter, which is why I use it in tandem with LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a dual dashboard to collate data on prospects before making contact.

The Secrets Tools That Will Make You More Efficient

“There is a balance of time that is necessary for sales people when engaging on social media. If unchecked, the wonderful world of social media can draw a person into a black hole and eat away time quickly. Social media engagement is essential in today’s markets, but how does one do it efficiently? And what are the best tools to use? The good news is that there are some very powerful solutions that I recommend people use in order to become more efficient in their sales process using commonality, personalization, and advocacy to help close more deals. To the left are 10 tools that will help salespeople automate social selling tasks and help create efficiency through process.”

Learn more in the free ebook about the 9 other tools listed:

  2. List Builder for Twitter
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Lead IQ
  5. Twitter Follower
  6. Anders Pink
  7. Nimble CRM
  9. Sales Navigator

You can install free on Gmail, Chrome, Salesforce, SalesLoft, or Outlook.

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