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Nudge Joins Toronto’s Thriving AI Scene with their AI-Powered Sales Platform

By Jaxson Khan in Nudge News

Former Eloqua founding team leverage AI to solve key challenges in building sales relationships

TORONTO, ON, Feb. 7, 2017 — Toronto has become known as a world leader in artificial intelligence. The city leaped to the forefront of AI with Geoff Hinton’s lab’s surprise win in the 2012 ImageNet challenge, and now Nudge, a startup specializing in sales technology, continues that growth. Today they’ve announced a new product that uses artificial intelligence to provide sales teams with actionable insights into their target customers.

TODAY @Nudgeai Joins #Toronto’s Thriving AI Scene with their AI-Powered #Sales Platform
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Artificial intelligence thrives in challenging areas of pattern recognition. We are all familiar with applications such as robotics or self-driving cars. The challenge facing sales professionals as they attempt to find ways to build trusting relationships with hundreds or thousands of target accounts is quite similar and ripe for an AI approach.

Sales professionals must build trust with multiple decision makers across a large number of companies, and do so over a period of time that can stretch from months to years. Manually digging through public news sources, social media activity, and internal marketing systems for hints of what topics would best lead to a good conversation is a daunting task. Nudge uses the latest in AI techniques to do this research for the sales person and highlights the best opportunities to engage buyers.

Trust, however, is not built in a vacuum. Knowing who the buyer already has a strong and trusting relationship with is crucial at the early stages of their outreach. That’s why Nudge understands not just the connection graph, but measures the strength of all relationships around a prospective buyer, and improves a sales person’s ability to connect by highlighting who the buyer already trusts.

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Nudge officially launched their Team Plan ($29.95 per user per month) on February 7th, 2017 to highly positive reviews from customers like ScribbleLive, whose VP of Revenue Operations and Marketing, Tim Peters commented, “Instead of using a bunch of tools and spending hours each week on research, Nudge automatically surfaces insights on our target accounts. I’m really impressed with how well Nudge fits into an account-based sales model, and I’m excited to be rolling it out for our entire North American sales team.”

Sales professionals from companies like Adobe, HP, SAS and Shopify rely on Nudge’s AI to filter through massive amounts of news, social, marketing and relationship data. Reps benefit from a constant stream of engagement opportunities embedded into their favorite workflow tools such as Salesforce, Slack and Google Chrome.

The founders of Nudge, Paul Teshima and Steven Woods, are no strangers to solving complex business challenges. Prior to Nudge, Teshima and Woods were founding executives at Eloqua, which modernized the marketing world, prior to going public and being acquired by Oracle for $957 million in 2012. The Nudge team was funded by OMERS Ventures in one of the largest seed rounds in Canadian history.

The team encourages those interested in learning more to visit their site here.


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