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Nudge Launches Revolutionary “Nudge Elbow Pad”

By Paul Teshima in Nudge News

Today Nudge announced it is launching a revolutionary “Elbow Pad” which will help all of its users Nudge their relationships along every day.

Most of the original effort and funding was focused on building a social selling application to help business professionals grow relationships from their weak connections.  However through the closed BETA process, it became clear our users wanted something different.

“We kept on adding more and more features to help users reach out to their network, and build trust by adding value.  But our users eventually told us they actually just wanted to physically nudge more people.  In the subway, at work, on the dance floor, in line for coffee.  And so we went to work and are really excited with what we came up with!”  

– Paul Teshima, co-founder and CEO of Nudge

The new Nudge Elbow Pad, slips on under or above your shirt, and has a large cushioned pad, so that you can deliver a really hard nudge, but feel no ill affects after.  It is a one-size fits all, made from neoprene, and available in three colors: black, blue and nude.

“We had it all wrong, we were building the app in mobile web, and focused on responsive design so it worked on any device, but if you want to talk responsive – neoprene beats jquery mobile any day of the week.”

– Steve Woods co-founder and CTO

So far BETA users of the new Elbow Pad have been extremely happy with the product.  Engagement levels are through the roof, and we are seeing the number of elbows to weak connections nearly double in a given week.

“I used to send Linkedin requests, and thoughtful emails, but no one would pay attention. Now when I deliver a good Nudge just below the rib cage, my weak connection remembers it for weeks.  Why learn social selling, when I can focus on social swelling.”  

– Jane Johnson, Top 30 Social Salesperson Collingwood, Ontario

Paul Teshima
CEO and Co-founder
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