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Nudge Releases Sales Benchmark Report, Provides First-ever Analysis of Sales Relationship-building Within Deal Cycles

By Dayana Cadet in Nudge News

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Many B2B sales professionals today put too much emphasis on the quantity of their outreach efforts, rather than the quality. Making it easy to create blind spots when it comes to relationship health, resulting in poor overall account strength. Nudge – an AI-powered Relationship Intelligence Software company – wants to change that. In an effort to explore the relationship between outreach practices and sales performance, we recently delved into the 80 million connections on our platform and analyzed 3.1 million conversations between 1.4 million salespeople and their prospects. In doing so, we were able to benchmark best-in-class industry standards across eight key roles for a number of crucial metrics sales leaders and reps look at today, namely:

  • The number of emails needed to get a response
  • The average timeline between initial outreach efforts and response
  • Average email response rates
  • How the seniority level of both the sales rep and the prospect affect the above metrics

The metrics found in the 2019 Sales Benchmarks Report look at both initial prospect outreach and in-deal relationship building. In the modern sales landscape, we found it to be more important than ever for sales reps to not only strengthen their relationship with new prospects but work towards building new relationships with other members of the purchasing committee within one company as well.

The 2019 Sales Benchmarks Report was created to help sales leaders and reps engage with current and potential prospects in the most effective (and efficient) way possible. By narrowing down what successful salespeople are doing in order to build and strengthen relationships while driving sales revenue, we’re giving sales professionals the tools to hold themselves to the highest standard.

Those looking to turn these key insights into actionable steps to increase their revenue should download the full report.

Dayana Cadet
Marketing Manager
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