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Nudge Social Selling Roundup #1

By Kevin Hurley in Social Selling

The term “social selling” has been hitting the headlines hard lately and there’s certainly a major shift happening in the way companies interact with customers.

We believe that the tactics and strategies used in social selling apply to nearly every one whose success is dependent on the strength of their network – salespeople, marketers, recruiters, journalists, public relation professionals…the list goes on.

No matter what your profession, having a large network with strong connections will help you be more successful. It’s that simple. You’ve probably heard the term “your network is your net worth” from author and speaker Porter Gale. I believe that holds true to everyone.

With that said, here’s the very first Nudge Social Selling Roundup which offers insightful commentary on some of our favourite content that will help you become more effective at growing the right relationships.



Expert Answers to 5 of The Most Frequently Asked Social Selling Questions from HubSpot Sales Blog

If you’re interested in a Q & A from some of the most influential social selling thought leaders and experts, don’t miss this article. It offers great insight from the folks who have coined the phrase social selling and helped shaped the space into what it is today.

Although they use the title “salespeople” throughout this article, I would argue that nearly every Q & A here applies to any professional who must stay educated in their area of expertise in order to offer value to their network.

As you read this article be sure to keep in mind how closely related social selling is to your own personal brand across digital channels as well as your ability to be recognized as an advocate in your area of expertise.

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How to Become a Social Seller in Just 30 Minutes a Day [Infographic] From Top Dog Social Media

This infographic provides a great overview into how the average professional (sales or not) can begin making the right connections at only 30 minutes a day. At first glance, it might look a little overwhelming and would likely take the average person more than 30 minutes to complete.

It does provide a great framework for getting started and shouldn’t be all that new if you’re already using social effectively. I would recommend adding one major activity into your daily routine (Ex. Post relevant content to your social channels) and try adding new activities from the infographic into your routine every 1-2 weeks.

You’ll be amazed at how effective this can become overtime and each week you’ll start to notice that your efforts from previous weeks will begin to return value. It’s time to get started!

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5 Bad Writing Habits to Drop Right Now from HubSpot Marketing Blog

As mentioned, the Nudge Social Selling Roundup will cover other topics that will help you be more successful by building better relationships. In a digital world, it’s never been easier to connect with high profile contacts that would usually be impossible to reach.

Before you start reaching out via email, social or your own unique channel, be sure you’re writing effective messages. If you’re trying to connect with someone new, take the time to craft your message.

We’re all known to have some bad writing habits, but there’s never been a better time to polish them up. Growing the right relationships starts with effective communication. Check out these tips to quickly improve your writing.

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That all we’ve got for this weeks Nudge Social Selling Roundup! Be sure to follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn and if you’re looking for a new tool to help you manage growing the right relationships be sure to sign up below for early access to Nudge –  have a great week!

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