Welcome to Nudge

To start you on the right path, there are a number of things you should do to get Nudge working for you. From setting up your email, installing extensions and customizing your workflow, follow this checklist to get yourself set up for success.

Get Nudge Extensions

Get personalized insights where you work. Nudge’s Chrome and Outlook extensions will help you understand the people you’re reaching out to so that you can start conversations off with trust. They also give you the ability to send one-click emails, look up relationship strength, see team conversations, set keep in touch cadences, and more.

Map your business network for greater success

Nudge tracks your relationships most accurately when you connect both your work and personal email addresses. Get your full rolodex in Nudge and let the AI map your network and score your relationships. By understanding who you know, we can provide you with insights and buying signals.

Train your AI by adding other sources

Train Nudge’s AI to work for you by adding more sources. Have a prospect list you want to monitor? You can upload custom lists to Nudge and get personalized insights, monitor relationships, and look for warm introductions from collaborators.

Create Lists for better account access

Now that your data is in Nudge, use lists to collect, monitor relationships with and get customized insights into contacts and companies that are important to you. Don’t miss an update or insight into target accounts.

Get access to extended networks with Collaborators

If you can see whom else in your network has strong relationships with contacts and companies that are important to you, you can unlock doors you didn’t know you had a key to. Invite collaborators to Nudge to see pathways to warm intros.

Set up your Daily Email to track your targets

Now that you’ve created lists, you can configure your daily email from Nudge to get insights into what’s happening in your network. Get alerts about news and social posts from your key accounts and manage what you really care about.

Measure and Monitor Relationships with Analytics

You want to make sure you have the right relationships involved in your deals. Measure your’s and your team’s activity and relationships to uncover pathways into accounts, and identify risk through relationship slippage and single threaded deals.

Never drop a follow-up task again

You need to ensure that you never lose touch with the key companies and people you need relationships with. Use keep-in-touch cadences and to dos to ensure relationships don’t slip. If they do, get automatic notifications and set up email templates to help re-engage and re-build each relationship.

The power of search

With an extended network of collaborators, use Nudge’s robust search capabilities to identity contacts to reach out to, and understand who is best positioned to give you a warm introduction.

See how the best sales teams win

For more features and insights, book a demo with us to see what Nudge Analytics can do for your organization.