Nudge + Oracle Sales Cloud

Enhance your sales workflow with advanced relationship intelligence. Nudge provides powerful insights, right inside Oracle Sales Cloud.

Get Insights and Connect Faster

Nudge gives you easy access to recent news about a prospect or their company. You can insert news to personalize messages and increase the effectiveness of your outreach.

Understand Each Account

It’s easy to forget who is at each account and miss an opportunity to grow the conversation and broaden the relationships.

Nudge solve that challenge for you by automatically mapping each account and showing you every contact you know and the contact information you have on them.

Understand Every Relationship

Growing an account is a full team effort. Customer success, support, sales, and the executive team all maintain relationships that are important to growing the account.

Nudge helps you understand this dynamic by showing you, at a glance, who has what relationships, and how strong they are. Knowing this foundation helps you navigate an account and maximize their growth and upsell potential.

Navigate Conversations at Active Accounts

Active accounts can be in conversations with multiple team members simultaneously, across sales, service, and customer success. Stepping on another person’s toes can harm the chance of growing each account.

Nudge automatically tracks conversations to show you who on your team is current speaking to contacts at each account so you know of every initiative to drive more success and more growth at the account.

Ready to start closing deals?