Understand Every Group in Your Organization
Every team is different, from sales to customer success, and from the front lines to the executive suite. Understand each in context.
Understand Every Group in Your Organization
Analyze separately. Compare best practices.
Understand each group in your organization in context of its unique role. Sales tends to have a wider set of relationships, but not as deep, while customer success has very deep, trusting relationships with a smaller group of clients. See each team and understand each team member in context of the group they are in.
Carefully manage organizational dynamics
The power of a large organization’s overall network is tremendous, but, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Manage who in your organization has the ability to see whose networks, which teams share insights, and which don’t. Extend your organization’s network to partners and allies for even greater effect.
Unlimited scale
Understand the power your organization can bring to bear without being overwhelmed by its scale. Find just the right relationships and be aware of just the conversations you need to know about to maximize your success with the power of the organization behind you.