Find Past Customers Champions, Create New Pipeline
The shortest past to new revenue is someone who loves your offering and is now at a new company. Find these past-customer champions and start new deal cycles.
Find Past Customers Champions, Create New Pipeline
Find where your champions are now
Having a champion leave their job can be worrisome for that account. However it’s an amazing opportunity to add a new account wherever their next job takes them. Too often, companies lose touch with these champions and miss one of the most effective sources of new business.
Know who has the best relationship
Finding the past-customer champion at their new role is a key part of the challenge, but knowing who has the best relationship with them is equally important. Often it’s someone in support, services, or account management who has the strongest relationship. One reach-out from that person, and you’ll have a new deal in pipeline.
Turbo-charget your growth through advocacy
84% of buying processes start with a referral, and the strongest sources of referral are your customer champions who have moved on. Turbo-charge your growth by identifying where your champions are now, and who is best to reach out to them.