Pipeline Forecasting Improvement with Objective Data
See risk in your pipeline from single-threaded deals and missing executive relationships. Increase your forecast accuracy and be instantly aware of deals that are likely to slip.
Pipeline Forecasting Improvement with Objective Data
Detect pipeline risks automatically
Single-threaded deals? Missing executive relationships? Not involving legal or IT early enough? Identify risks in pipeline automatically and resolve those issues early so you can close more revenue.
Enhance existing models
Add accurate and real-time data on relationships with buyers, blockers, and champions to your existing forecast models. Combine subjective rep-reported data on interactions with objective data on relationships and conversations for a more accurate model of your pipeline.
Make pipeline review conversations more productive
Deal review conversations should be about strategies for moving each deal foreward, not administrative conversations about where each deal is right now. Know where each deal is at every moment in time, so you can focus your efforts on winning, not on keeping score.