Pipeline Match

Nudge.ai identifies the buying group roles that indicate a deal is set up for success. Advanced analytics then allow comparisons to your forecast pipeline in order to spot deals at risk.


Deal Slippage Risk

Evaluate each opportunity in your pipeline for ideal buyer engagement. Nudge.ai allows you to identify at any point in the quarter if deals are at risk of slipping.
Nudge.ai shows your entire team’s relationship efforts towards any account, including sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Further, any involved party including legal and finance can be shown in order to demonstrate deal slippage risk.

Sales Performance Reporting That Matters

Counting sales activity, like outbound call and email numbers, is a poor and limited approach to measuring success.  Modern sales enablement professionals are doing a much more effective job by using Nudge.ai.


Instead of measuring raw activity, Nudge.ai measures the effectiveness of each of your reps at building trusted relationships with the key, high-level decision makers at each deal that matters.


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