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Product Spotlight: How to Get Proactive Insights on Your Buyers Everyday

By Jaxson Khan in Product Spotlight

Originally written by Kevin Hurley

Maybe you’re having trouble keeping up with the latest news on your buyers or you’re headed to an event and want to start engaging those contacts instead of blasting their inbox with cold sales pitches.

I’m about to head to SiriusDecisions Summit (a big sales and marketing conference) and it’s shocking at how many emails I’ve received in the last week that were straight up sales pitches. Do your homework (or read on to find out how will do it for you) and stop destroying potential sales opportunities! uses artificial intelligence to find actionable sales insights on your buyers, such as news mentions and social updates, without having to do the grunt work of searching 1000’s of websites and mindlessly browsing social feeds. That’s a bit of a pitch, but hey, what I’m about to show you is free and guaranteed to save you a ton of time

How to Get Proactive #Sales Insights on Your Buyers Everyday Without the GRUNT Work
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1. Build Your List

Creating a list in only takes a minute. You’ll want to get started with a contact list of those people you’re looking to build relationships with. Here are some common lists we see sales folks build in Nudge:

  • Sales Development Rep – Prospects
  • Account Executive – Deals in Progress
  • Customer Success – Current Customers

All you need is a list of their email addresses in a CSV file and you’re ready to go. You can include more info if you have it, but all you really need is their email address. Try to build a list with at least 50 contacts – the more contacts you have the more daily insights you’ll see.

I use a tool like Email Hunter to quickly build prospect lists by finding theirĀ email address from their LinkedIn profile, but you may already have a list of email addresses from your CRM, marketing leads etc. You can always ask your sales or marketing ops person if they can get you that list.

2. Upload Your List

Make sure your CSV has at least one header labeled “email addresses” as shown in the image above before you upload. Once you’re logged in to the platform, simply create a new list, name it and upload the CSV.

Depending on the size of your list it may take some time for the system to process the contacts. The best part about this process is you only need their email address and the artificial intelligence will begin to automatically build their profiles, learn about their work history, and start to find relevant insights on them such as news and social activity. Boom!

3. Get Daily News and Social Insights

Once your list is finished processing, you’re pretty much done! will automatically find any news and social updates on your contacts or their company without you having to do anything else. You can log into the platform each morning and visit the news and social tabs on your list to see the latest insights.

Here are the types of insights you can expect:

  • Personal and Company News – Anytime your contact or their company is mentioned in news articles, blog posts, press releases and more
  • Social Activity – A filtered Twitter feed that only shows updates from those contacts which you can engage with in real-time
  • Customized News Events – Select from 20+ trigger events such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Executive Changes and more to customize the events you see

Now you’ve got a stream of actionable sales insights on the people and companies you care about. We’ll also send a daily recap of these insights to your inbox each morning with our Daily Outlook email.

Create your free account today or log in to get actionable insights that will help you have better conversations with your prospects, customers or anyone you care about!

Jaxson Khan
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