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Sales Outreach Triggers

Engaging prospects and customers is always a challenge. Nudge is solving that problem by using artificial intelligence to give you a constant list of engagement opportunities without spending hours on research.

product news

“33% of salespeople say researching is the top non-selling task.”


Smart Personal and Company Mentions

Nudge uses artificial intelligence to filter through thousands of news sources from across the web to find relevant news mentions on the people and companies you care about.


You’ll get a notification when Nudge finds a news mention that matters so you can engage prospects and customers to show you’re keeping up with their world.

Real-Time and Relevant Social Activity

Real-time social updates provide you with a new level of insight on what your buyers actually care about. Sharing news, engaging with content, live Tweeting at events and many other social triggers provide you with a constant stream of engagement opportunities.

Access Accounts with Relationships

You send hundreds of emails, make phone calls and rarely get a response. Nudge tracks relationship strength to provide you with visibility on who in your network or team has access to your target accounts.

product relationship strength

“92% of buyers delete emails or voicemails from people they don’t know.”


Relationship Strength

Someone on your team or their extended network have real relationships with the people and companies you’re targeting.


Nudge uses relationship strength to show your best path into target accounts. Getting a response from decision makers is as easy as asking for an intro from someone you already know.

Stay Top of Mind

You should never lose a deal just because your buyer isn’t ready to sign yet. Keeping up with your outbound efforts over time is never easy. Nudge is here to keep you on track by reminding you when it’s time to follow-up.

product cadence

“80% of disqualified leads, buy from someone 12 months later.”

– SiriusDecisions

Intelligent Follow-Ups

Integrating with your communication tools allows Nudge to automatically notify you when it’s time re-engage a prospect or customer. Build relationships over time with prospects and maintain active relationships with your best customers by keeping in touch with a regular cadence.

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