Prospect Insights uses artificial intelligence to provide a stream of proactive engagement opportunities on customers so you're always armed with insights.


Contact & Company Insights You Care About

Always have the perfect reason to reach out to your customers without wasting hours on research.


Nudge automatically scans news and social feeds to find the latest updates on the contacts and companies you care about, providing you with a constant stream of sales intelligence that leads to real-time engagement opportunities.

Buying Signals That Help You Sell

Getting notified every time your customer is mentioned in the news becomes more annoying than it is useful – fast.


Nudge uses AI to personalize customer alerts according to unique trigger events that provide you with the most relevant sales opportunities.


Keep Your Deals in Motion

Never let a deal fall through the cracks by forgetting to follow-up. Nudge makes it dead simple to create reminders for every decision maker.


And, Nudge integrates with your communications tools to automatically let you know when it’s time to reach out based on your ideal follow-up time.

Ready to start closing deals?