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Goodbye Rapportive, Hello

By Jaxson Khan in Product Spotlight
Goodbye Rapportive, Hello @Nudgeai - The Nudge Chrome Extension Deserves Your Inbox Real Estate
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Rapportive: The Glory Days

Remember how impressive it was to get a snapshot of a contact’s professional profile right inside your inbox?

That was huge! It officially put a face to every email you wrote and provided desperately needed professional context, without having 99 tabs open. You instantly felt more connected to each person and started writing more thoughtful emails.

There were many reasons we had come to love Rapportive. However, much of that love came to a halt when the company was acquired by LinkedIn back in 2012. LinkedIn quickly decided to “simplify” the product by killing off many of the features that made Rapportive unique.

Since that day, Rapportive has never been the same.


A.I. Powered Insights with Every Email

Well, our wonderful product team has developed a free Nudge Chrome extension for Gmail and Google Inbox that you can think of like Rapportive, but refreshed and powered by artificial intelligence.

“Installed the new extension today. Needless to say, it’s bad. ass. After 5 min I uninstalled Rapporative and will be using Nudge daily. Love the fact I can add people to a list from my inbox!”

– Patrick Tracy, Account Executive, SalesLoft

The Nudge Chrome Extension uses A.I. to filter through massive amounts of data to find actionable insights on your contacts as you write emails – you’ll see personal and company news mentions, social updates, marketing engagement activities and more.

Instead of wasting time searching the web to find authentic reasons to engage your buyers, let Nudge do this grunt work for you. You’ll get the most relevant insights on each of your contacts clearly displayed along the right-hand side of your email composer.

Click here to install the free Nudge Chrome Extension so you can start getting A.I. powered insights with every email you write.

Jaxson Khan
Sr. Marketing Manager
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