Create Sales Superstars through Effective Coaching
Know how to coach each rep to make them into a superstar. Give your front-line managers the tools to provide unique coaching to each rep based on real deal dynamics.
Create Sales Superstars through Effective Coaching
Coach with accurate data
You know what it takes to succeed in sales. Coaching allows you to bring that knowledge to the next generation of sales professionals. Too often, however, time that could be spent in valuable coaching conversations is spent trying to understand partial, and inaccurate, data to see what is really happening and what coaching might be needed.
Be in front of problems not behind them
Coaching is most useful if changes can be made before it’s too late. This means you need to understand the challenges in each deal well before quarter-end. Identify challenging conversations, missing executives, and buying committee members who you’d expect to see but aren’t seeing. Have the data to see the problems and coach around them before it’s too late.
Know each rep’s path to better performance
Every rep has a unique path to becoming a superstar. One might struggle having exec conversations, while another might struggle with financial conversations. If your coaching is to be valuable it needs to fit with the challenges that each rep has. Know instantly, for each rep, what they struggle with, and what to focus on that will make them most successful.