Live Webinar Driving revenue with Nudge-powered CRM automation Thursday, July 18th, 1pm EST
Never log another contact again
The data is clear, 74% of key sales contacts are missing from your CRM. At the same time, sales leaders are expected to coach their reps and make decisions based on this incomplete CRM data.

Nudge’s new contact capture feature runs in the background, automatically logging contacts and activities with accurate and up to date data. No rep interaction required.

Join this webinar to learn how you can let your salespeople do more of what they do best – sell, while having complete visibility into their activities.

In this webinar we will answer:

  • What is the true cost of incomplete CRM data? How does it affect coaching and forecasting?
  • Why is incomplete CRM data such a widespread problem? Why don’t the current solutions really work?
  • How does Nudge Contact Capture solve these problems?
  • What results have customers seen with Contact Capture?
Learn more about how Nudge can help your sales and customer success teams grow revenue