Guide to Sales Coaching Metrics

What data can tell you about where to coach

Why Read?

The concept of Sales Coaching and its benefits to sales organizations isn’t new. There’s a lot of research to support the claim that successful sales coaching programs contribute directly to revenue performance.

We compiled this guide to explore different metrics throughout the sales funnel that show you where and what to coach. 

For example, say you notice that deals are moving quickly but close rates are going down. You might want to focus on the conversion rates between Contact-to-Meeting, Meeting-to-Demo, and Win/Close rates. Are reps skipping a step, or moving a prospect along too quickly before they’re ready? Are they missing the key stakeholders needed to close a deal?

Get the Guide today to learn:

  • What type of data you should be tracking through each stage of the sales funnel
  • What that data can tell you about the effectiveness of your team
  • Behaviours you should be coaching based on what the data tells you

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