Webinar: Stop Fighting Fires and Start Driving Customer Success

Transforming your customer success organization by establishing proactive customer relationships

Featured Speakers

Jocelyn Brown
SVP Customers and Revenue, Allocadia
David Sakamoto
Former Head of Customer Success, the Americas, Cisco
Adam Houghton
Senior Director, Customer Success, Hootsuite
Natasha Narayan
Regional Director - Canada, Gainsight

Learn From Experienced Customer Success Leaders

Customer Success has become a driving force behind organizational growth. However, most CS teams experience the 80/20 effect; they spend 80% of their time with only 20% of their customers: the high MRR or squeaky wheels.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How our panelists approach the Customer Journey
  • How successful companies structure Customer Success within their organizations
  • Useful metrics to help benchmark against

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