Live Webinar Close Deals with the Right Relationships Thursday, August 1st, 1pm EST
Build the right relationships, grow revenue.
You want your sales team to build trust, you want them to go broader and deeper in an account. How do you drive this behaviour if you are just measuring activities? You can’t. Join Paul Teshima, CEO at, as he discusses how top sales leaders today are using Nudge to drive the right behavior with their sales teams, close more deals, and hit quota.
In this webinar we will answer:

  • How can my team identify the right relationships to build?
  • How do I know which relationships my salespeople have built?
  • What is the optimal number of relationships to have with an account to close the deal?
  • What results have customers seen with Nudge?
Learn more about how Nudge can help your sales and customer success teams grow revenue