Sales Benchmarks Report: 2019

Nudge analyzed 3.1 million conversations between 1.4 million salespeople to explore the relationship between outreach practices and sales performance. View the highlights below, and download the full report to start transforming the way you drive sales revenue.

Data breakdown

We looked at industry-standard outreach metrics across eight key roles.

8 roles


3.1 million conversations

We were able to find sales outreach trends based on the analysis of 3.1 million email conversations.

1.4 million salespeople

Our data was sourced from interactions between 1.4 million salespeople and their prospects.

By analyzing this data on Nudge, we found best-in-class sales outreach metrics across eight key roles in 20 different industries.


Findings preview

See industry-standard sales outreach metrics based on 8 key roles across 3.1 million conversations between 1.4 million people in 20 different industries.

How many sales outreach emails does it take to get a response?

4 emails

This number varies with each industry and is impacted by the seniority of both the sales rep and the prospect. However, on average it takes 4 emails to get 90% of the responses you’re going to get.


How much time does it take to get a response?

5 weeks

While the timeline varies based on the seniority of the sales rep and the prospect, it takes up to 5 weeks to get 90% of the responses to your outreach emails.

What is the average response rate across key roles?


Prospects who do eventually respond to sales outreach emails do so at the rate of about 15.5%. The rate varies between 12% and 22% depending on the role and seniority of both the rep and the prospect. Individual email response rates vary between 3% and 6%.

How do you compare to the competition?

See how your sales outreach response rates, response time, and more compare to the best based on your role. Get the full report.

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