For Sales Development Reps

Time is money, and prospecting is hard work. does the sales research for you so you can focus on selling to the accounts that matter.


Access any account

The most difficult part of winning any deal is finding it. Nudge turbo-charges your sales performance by giving you a way to access any account on your list.

Insights on a person can help spark a conversation. Recent, game-changing, company news gives you an opportunity to share an interesting point of view. Knowing that the buyer is close with your CMO can allow you to use social proximity to begin an engagement.

Understand and leverage your team's history

Is there history with the account you are about to prospect? Are there former champions of your product who are now at jobs there? Does anyone on your team have relationships you can leverage? Was anyone in sales able to build any relationship there previously?

Nudge ensures that you have your team’s complete relationship history with any account at your fingertips. Never miss an opportunity or end up in an awkward conversation again.

relationship history

Coordinate with your team

The sales development role is successful when the broader team is successful. Nudge ensures you can drive the success of your team and avoid  mis-steps that would cause challenges.

See every conversation your team is having at an account in order to avoid interfering with existing dialogue. Drive success at meetings  through briefs that provide key insights.

Where you work. How you work.

Sales development needs to be efficient. Nudge keeps you efficient by snapping in seamlessly to your existing tools and workflow.

Bring your target account lists from CRM automatically and have a daily brief on the best accounts to call on based on recent events. Embed Nudge beside your sales automation (ie. SalesLoft, Outreach) or CRM platform for instant, in-context insights.

Be more effective at driving revenue without changing the tools you use now.


Ready to start closing deals?