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Increasing Sales Efficiency with Jack Bernstein

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Sales


As an Account Executive at ScribbleLive, a content marketing platform, Jack Bernstein knows how important it is for sales professionals to have an efficient workflow. He’s constantly reaching out to new customers and building relationships. And he’s adopted Nudge for Chrome, our AI powered Chrome Extension, as a cornerstone of his daily process. We caught up with him to ask when and how he uses Nudge for Chrome to maximize his sales efficiency.

Increasing Sales Efficiency with @scribblelive AE Jack Bernstein #sales #b2b
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Sales Workflow

Nudge: What sales tools do you use, and how does Nudge for Chrome work with them?

Jack: I live basically within Gmail, Salesforce, SalesLoft, Navigator and Nudge. Sometimes I hop into Google if I need to do research, but that’s inefficient. It’s better if I don’t have to do that.

When I’m running through my email cadence in SalesLoft, it’s nice to have Nudge pulled up right there. I find it the most beneficial when I run through my email or call cadence. In that case, I have Salesforce up on one screen so I can pull up the detailed product information, then SalesLoft on the other, with Nudge open right there within SalesLoft so I can also get a quick insight on each contact.  

Nudge: Nudge for Chrome pulls up a bunch of information – which info do you find the most useful?

Jack: Usually I use the company mentions or their recent tweets – that’s really where I find quick value. It’s really valuable when there’s something fresh, like there was an acquisition or a spotlight in the news or something. Or if there is a Collaborator that I find that’s close to me and I can reference them, that’s huge.

If I’m just trying to get a quick refresher on the person, the extension is good to just do that quick 30 second read-through.


Nudge: How does it cut down on your research time?

Jack: Right now in SalesLoft or Salesforce, I don’t have any up-to-date information unless I put it in. Salesforce is always just as up-to-date as I am, or less. So Nudge is a way to bring it to a new level of getting more up-to-date information faster, without having to go and do individual research.

Between email and calls, we’ve got about 50-150 people in our cadence each day. If the news right there in the extension can save me a minute or two of research on each person, prevent me from having to go to Google or their website. That’s pretty good for sales efficiency. And that compounds pretty fast when you have a hundred people in your cadence.

The Chrome extension can save me a minute or two of research on each person - that compounds pretty fast. Jack Bernstein, @Scribblelive #sales #b2b
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Call Prep

Nudge: How do you use Nudge to prep for a call?

Jack: Because our calls are so frequent and because we make so many calls, we don’t have time to do detailed analysis on every one. So I just know my information that I have in Salesforce, if they’ve opened my emails or not, when the last touch was, and whatever general analysis of the person that we’ve done. Nudge then gives me a few more additional quick updates on people, which saves me from having to go to Google. It lets me find something immediately. That’s huge for sales efficiency.

With all that prep work, especially that last research part, that’s probably 50% of the time I’m actually spending on the call. But when I can just open their Nudge profile instead of going to Google or LinkedIn, that’s much faster. And, like I said, when you’re running through a bunch of calls, saving a minute on each call is huge.

Having the extension up during a call cycle can give you that quick conversation piece a bit of backup - Jack Bernstein, @Scribblelive #sales #b2b
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During the Call

Nudge: You also sometimes have it up when you’re making a call – how does it help then?

Jack: Sometimes when you’re in a call cycle, when you’re making 20 or 30 calls, you might be getting tired towards the end – you really just need that quick conversation piece, to carry the conversation along and try to convert them into an SQL. Having the info in Nudge for Chrome is a backup in the conversation, which is nice.

Some days it gives me that little edge for what I need. It’s great to have their contact information right there, that makes it really quick. Even the little things you wouldn’t always think about, like just having someone’s title up, the way it is at the top of the extension, can really help. Because when I check Salesforce, I could be deep down in previous touches, past communication, things like that – so while I’m on the phone, having that right there as a quick reminder really helps.

If I’ve called someone up and I’m in a conversation where I’m blanking out, or just struggling to find something to talk about, having the Nudge extension open has been a quick saviour for me.

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