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Sales Leadership Jobs in Toronto – 5 Must-Have Resources for the Technology Industry

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Toronto is a booming tech hub, and a great place to find your next sales leadership opportunity. However, navigating the path can be a little tricky as there is such a wide range of opportunities and ways to find them.

If salary is anything of an indicator of the true level and scope of a job, it’s clear that the range is vast. Job site shows the salary range for sales managers in Toronto going from $20,000 per year to $162,000 per year with an average of $72,065 in salary. Glassdoor shows an average of $60k per year and range from $34k to $95k, while Payscale comes in with an average of $78,552. Those numbers seem very low compared to the anecdotal figures being thrown around in conversations, but we’ll let the groups doing salary surveys quote the numbers as they see fit.

Getting in, however, is the main challenge. Here are 5 resources you can use as you think about your sales leadership search. Many of the companies you will approach have an existing VP of Sales or CRO, so leveraging your network is key, in order to understand whether the team is growing, or if there’s an opportunity to bring a new skill-set to the table.

Successful Companies Who May Be Hiring

Knowing which companies to approach for a sales leadership role can be tricky in a sector as fast-moving as technology, where the hot companies of today perhaps didn’t exist that long ago. For anyone looking to find a job at a fast-growing Toronto technology company or startup, you need a view into what companies are worth talking to.

For that, we have the Most Connected Tech Companies and Startups in Toronto list – a list of the top tech firms whose teams have the strongest business relationships with the outside world. Time and time again, it’s been shown that the key to innovation is “connecting the dots” in terms of relationships. The companies with the strongest relationships tend to be those who have access to new ideas, capital, customers, and star employees. In short, they are the companies you’d want to join.

Funders Looking to Find New Leaders

The symbiotic relationship between top tech firms and top investors (whether they are venture capitalists, private equity funds, venture debt firms, or banks) is not unique to Toronto, and is an oft-overlooked avenue into the best technology companies.

Top investors are always on the lookout for the next generation of talent, especially in crucial roles like sales. Being aware of who the main funders are, examining your network to see who in the list you might be introduced to, and maintaining those relationships is key to being at the top of the list when the next hot tech company begins a search for their next CRO or VP of Sales.

The best venture firms are the ones with the strongest networks. The list of the Top 50 Venture and Private Equity Firms in Toronto, based on that ranking – the team’s overall network is your best place to start. Many firms even have a dedicated partner who focuses exclusively on recruiting and talent, and would likely be open to an initial conversation if your sales resume is stellar.

Consulting Firms Who Help the Tech Ecosystem

If you’re seeking a less direct approach, it might be worth getting to know the support ecosystem of tax, strategy, legal, recruiting, and management consultants that help the technology (and other) ecosystems.

If you feel that your sales leadership experience is core to a change in strategy, or major uptick in growth that the technology firm of your choice is going through, perhaps one of the firms on the list of Top Management and Strategy Consulting Firms in Toronto would be worth working with. Some serve the tech ecosystem directly, and some only tangentially, but examining your network to see which of these firms you are (or could be) connected to would be a first step to having them recommend you in.

From their perspective, the implementation of any great strategy relies on sound leadership, so if they know you and think highly of your sales leadership credentials, it’s of benefit to them to be able to put you forward as a person who might help with implementation of their proposed growth strategy.

Executive Search and Recruiting Firms who Staff the Technology Ecosystem

If you prefer a more direct approach, the top Most Connected Recruiting Firms in Toronto could help connect you to a tech startup or established major software company that they have in their network. These recruiting and search agencies live and die by the strength of their network, and the higher level the executive role, the more true that becomes. Top tier sales leadership talent is in very short supply, so partners at executive search firms are often very open to meeting the next potential super-star they might put in front of their clients.

In short, if you’re looking to find a way into the software or technology company of your choice, thinking in terms of the broader ecosystem is key. It only takes one connection to surface an opportunity, so the more ways you approach that connection, the better your chances are.

Media That Covers the Technology Ecosystem

While you are executing on your direct approach, be sure to keep an eye on the media outlets that cover the Toronto scene. Often an interesting news event will pop up that gives you a new perspective on the opportunities in front of the company being covered. Some great media options to keep an eye on are:

BetaKit – Canadian startup news and tech innovation
Cantech Letter – the very best of Canadian science and technology
Mobile Syrup – independent resource on mobile technology in Canada
TechVibes – at the crossroads of technology, innovation, and culture

Many Ways To Find Your Next Step

The Toronto tech ecosystem is booming, and there’s no better time to look towards it as you contemplate your next career move. Whether you are already in Toronto, or are thinking of exploring the idea of moving to the city, hopefully these resources give you a good path for how you might approach your search. Good luck!

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