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4 Ways a Modern Sales Manager Can Use AI for Sales

By Jaxson Khan in Sales

Time is always at a premium for sales people. You’re busy doing research, having conversations with prospects and customers, managing your contact list, and working with your team on reaching sales targets. Learning how to maximize your time can be critical to becoming one of the leaders on your team. That’s where AI for sales comes in. There are many AI for sales solutions out there that can help do just that without disrupting your existing sales strategy.

Here are the four ways AI can help the modern sales manager:

Reach more decision makers with AI

Salespeople are using technology to improve their efficiency, but they’re not taking advantage of it to really dig into their existing networks and relationships in order to reach decision makers. In order to bust through their current network and start talking with the decision makers, salespeople are doing extensive research to find the insights they need to make a valuable connection. And that research takes time – time they could be spending actually developing that relationship.

By leveraging AI, salespeople can save on research time and have access to the insights and information they need to reach those decision makers. They’ll reach decision makers more effectively and efficiently. And, with the time they saved on research, they’ll be able to reach more of them too.

Create personalized sales coaching automatically with AI

As a sales manager, you want to enable your team to maximize their opportunities, as well as help them become better at sales. Many of you still rely on old-school spreadsheets and other manual data to discover this information.

An AI tool like People.ai helps centralize your data gathering and analyze the data you do gather so that you can gain better insight into your team and their individual activities. You can learn how your sales team spends their day directly from their activities (email, meetings, calls, etc.).

These tools also give you access to metrics you didn’t think you needed to know about so that you can help your team with personalized coaching and feedback. Your entire team will improve because they’ll know exactly what they need to work on without waiting for a quarterly performance review.

Develop sales team best practices with AI

When you look at your top sales performers, you probably think they do so well because they’re just “made” for sales. It’s too bad you can’t simply clone those salespeople to create a team of top performers, right? Well, with AI for sales you’ll come close.

That’s because AI sales tools are constantly analyzing your team’s behavior and activities, creating reports for you to see what they’re doing. You’ve got the information right at your fingertips, so you can create and replicate those best practices across your team.

When Gainsight looked at their sales teams’ activities, they discovered that the deals they closed had 20-25% more activities with the C-Suite than the deals they lost. Outreach found that their win rates went up with their prospect mentioned an action item in a meeting, mainly because the prospect felt an ownership of the buying process.

Use AI for sales to develop a top performing team

While some sales managers may only think of AI sales software as a way to unify all their sales software, it’s becoming so much more than that. The modern sales manager is using AI to:

  • engage their prospects and customers through more informed relationships;
  • manage their sales teams more efficiently and knowledgeably; and
  • help their team bring value to every customer conversation.

AI for sales makes people better sales managers because they have access to more information that’s gathered automatically for them. They get to spend more time with their teams, helping them to perform better. After all, what sales manager doesn’t want to help their team succeed?

Now over to you: are you using AI for sales right now? How is it impacting your sales team? What about your management style? Has it changed that too? Share your experience with AI for sales on twitter with #AISales. We’d love to hear from you.

Jaxson Khan
Sr. Marketing Manager
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