A Day In The Life of a Sales RVP

While AEs turn over between 18 - 30% per year, RVPs only turn over 5 - 6% every year.

Invest in your RVPs


7 am: Monitor Important Accounts

Make sure your team is on top of every opportunity to move each of the quarter’s key accounts forward by monitoring news on your key account list.


Forward to John:

“they have plenty of money to spend”


Forward to Heather:

“good opportunity to congratulate them, and for us to understand their values better”


Inexperienced AEs can sometimes miss opportunities or not see how to reach out based on a recent news event.  Leaders of top performing teams make sure their team never misses a chance.

10 am: Prioritize Time With Team

Understand which of your deals need in-quarter review and prioritize the time you spend with your team to maximize the team’s output.


See the deals where you have no access to decision-makers early in the quarter while there’s still time to make a difference.


See the deals where you’re “single-threaded” and make sure your team grows broader and deeper relationships to maximize chance to close the deal.


2 pm: Help AEs Access Decision-Makers

Your team, executives, board members, and advisors may have strong relationships with key decision-makers you need access to.


An AE may not know how best to leverage these relationships and will need sales RVP assistance.


Not only can you access the right person, but you can understand and plan who else needs to be involved in the deal.

3 pm: Discuss Where To Broaden Relationships

Help each AE understand who else needs to be involved in each deal based on who they are, their role, and the history of similar deals.


Knowing that you need broader and deeper relationships is easy, but knowing which relationships are likely to be crucial in a given deal relies on the experience of a sales RVP.


3 pm: Find Tactics to Broaden Relationships

Once you know who you will need relationships with, your next step is to strategize on how to reach out.


Experienced sales RVPs can help AEs understand how a buyer thinks and what they are likely to value by looking at their online presence.  With that, positioning a point of view for a reach-out is more likely to succeed and drive the deal towards close.


Ready to start closing deals?