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Salesforce Gets AI Insights With Premium

By Jaxson Khan in Product Spotlight

You already enjoy the power of in Gmail, Outlook, and SalesLoft. Now, you can get AI insights in Salesforce with Premium and in for Teams and Enterprise.

With Premium, you will now have the ability to:

  • Build account lists and get AI insights to build strong relationships with key contacts
  • Stay on top of deals with recommended “nudges” to help push them through the pipeline
  • Analyze the strength of your opportunities, by seeing account engagement

Now you can never miss an opportunity to drive revenue growth.

Upgrade to Premium to immediately see AI-powered insights right in Salesforce leads, contacts, and accounts right where you work every day.

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AI Insights in Salesforce with

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Once is added, users will immediately see insights in Salesforce as they view leads, contacts, and accounts. Insights include personal and company news mentions and social media activity. Furthermore, they can provide visibility into who has the best relationships at target accounts.

Many different types of insights exist in For example, a user could see that one prospect’s company expanded internationally while another hired a new CMO. Further, they could see that a prospect they want to reach is already connected to their network.

Mark Macdonald, Vice President of Sales at BIA said:

“ provides my team with powerful insights prospect their accounts. Social selling is a very important initiative for us. So, we’re excited to see an increase in our pipeline as a result of using the tool.”

Relationships Are The Foundation of Social Selling believes that the future of sales revolves around an organization’s ability to understand and leverage relationships. It is therefore essential for sales reps to have insights on prospects available directly in Salesforce. is enabling sales professionals to align their day-to-day communications to a social selling strategy.

Companies focused on building relationships can leverage’s relationship graph. Over 30+ million tracked business relationships enable access to more prospective accounts for winning more deals.

More features available in premium insights include:

  • Relevant News Mentions – Get news mentions on the contacts and companies you’re actively engaging to personalize your outreach messages and increase engagement.
  • Access Target Accounts – See which contacts in your company, or in its extended network, have the strongest relationships at target accounts.
  • Quick Contact Details – View a snapshot of contact information with easy access to social profiles on both contacts and companies.
  • Engage On Social – Engage with the latest Tweets from prospects for lighter social touches or leveraging their posts as insights to further personalize your outreach.
  • Contextual Account Conversations – See who on your team is already speaking to contacts at key accounts before you reach out so you don’t cross lines and step on existing deals.
  • Proactive Marketing Events – Understand how contacts across entire accounts are engaging with marketing activities such as downloading resources, visiting your pricing page and other triggers to help you reach out at the right time.
  • Automatic Activity Tracking – Get automatic tracking of your reps engagement activities in Outlook to learn how their efforts are performing over time. Review our engagement reports to understand which reps are having the biggest impact on sales success.

Learn more about AI insights in Salesforce on the Premium page.

Jaxson Khan
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