Salesforce Integration
Save reps’ selling time by automating CRM data entry. Sync Nudge with Salesforce and drive revenue with clear visibility into exec engagement, pipeline risk analysis, data-driven rep coaching opportunities and improved forecasting. No rep adoption required.
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74% of your contacts are not in your CRM
Save reps time by automating manual CRM tasks
Most sales reps are not on top of logging their contacts and activities in Nor should they waste their selling time doing so – on average, reps spend 1 hour a day with manual data entry. Nudge integrates into your teams’ email and calendar and automatically captures activity and creates target account contacts in Salesforce.
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Don’t miss out on revenue growth opportunities by having inaccurate or missing CRM data
On average, 74% of the contacts your reps engage with during a deal cycle will never make it into your CRM. Additionally, 28% of C-level and VP level contacts are missing from CRM. Nudge makes sure that your CRM always has the right people, with the right information, such as updated titles and relationship strength, in a fully automated way.
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Increase close rates by getting an objective view of the relationships your team is building
It is way too common for revenue leaders to spend their time in “hey, how well do you know this person” conversations with their reps. With Nudge, the entire team gets clear visibility into the relationships every team member has with target accounts, and every meeting, outreach and conversation that happened. Nudge provides an objective view of the relationship strength between each rep and prospect, enabling the team to operate without “gut hunch” estimations.
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Prevent deals from slipping by engaging the entire buying committee
Help your reps hit quota. Nudge reduces attrition risk by identifying single-threaded deals and highlighting which executive buyer relationships are missing. Instead of letting your reps self-report on whether they’re getting stakeholder buy-in they need, let Nudge track relationships and conversations over time. By providing visibility and insight into reps’ performance, Nudge surfaces new data-driven rep coaching opportunities.
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Optimize revenue growth by understanding pipeline risk
Get a clear view of which deals are actually going to close this quarter. By delivering instant deal inspection and relationship-based deal scoring, Nudge takes subjectivity in deal progression out of forecasting. Whether your focus is increasing close rates, expansion or renewal, an objective view of pipeline health is key for successfully scaling your revenue organization.
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