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SD Summit 2015 Trends – A Journey into the Future of Sales & Marketing

By Paul Teshima in Events

SiriusDecision Summit continues to be an event packed with top sales and marketing leaders combined with cutting edge research shedding light into the future of our industry. It’s been nearly a month since those days have passed and it’s now time to reflect on the overarching theme of this year – “Outperform: Strategies for Intelligent Growth™.”

It’s important to take a holistic view as you dig deeper into these trends and begin to connect the dots, pointing us in the right direction as we get closer to the next frontier of marketing and sales. As an added bonus Magic “Earving” Johnson, entrepreneur and basket ball legend, shares lessons learned from both his business and athletic success. His inspiring keynote certainly set a perfect tone for a successful event.

There were many similar traits among the stats revealed at SD Summit 2015 and we’re here to make some predictions based on those findings about the future of marketing and sales. Join us on this journey!


Top SD Summit 2015 Trends

A Journey into the Future of Sales & Marketing


SD Summit 2015 Stats – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

As we move forward to better align marketing and sales, it’s becoming more clear as to how our teams can begin to work together like a well oiled machine. In a world where technology is taking over, it’s incredibly delightful to see a new trend, whereby human interactions are becoming more important than ever in marketing & sales.

Growing the right relationships requires time and effort. Technology will help us along the way, but no matter how personalized marketing becomes, trust will always trump content. As new insight sheds light on the journey to where our industry is heading, we looking forward to sharing it with you along the way.

How do you see sales and marketing changing over the next few years given the statistics revealed at SD Summit 2015? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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