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Secret to Closing Massive Deals with Debe Rapson of Demandbase

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Sales

Debe Rapson‘s Number 1 rule is Never Pitch During Discovery. Why should you care about that? Because Debe’s been the #1 seller at Demandbase for 7 years running. Yes, that means Debe became #1 after the economic downturn in 2008 and is still there 7 years later. She sells and sells a lot.

Secret to Closing Massive Deals with @drapson of @Demandbase
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In a recent interview on the Sales Success Stories podcast, Debe talked about how she’s been able to be the top seller at Demandbase for all that time. She explained that it starts by “extending (her) personal values into (her) business.” That guiding principle lets her “do the right thing by a customer or prospect,” she says.

But what does that really mean? And how did she use it to close her largest deal?

First off, she is genuinely curious about her buyers’ challenges and pain points. Simply by speaking with them and asking questions, Debe’s discovers what’s stopping them from achieving their goals. “People can tell when you’re asking genuine questions,” she explains. “And they appreciate that.”¬†Too often sales people are curious in the wrong way; they’re always thinking about what they’ll say next instead of listening to what their customers and prospects are saying.

Secondly, Debe always keeps her word throughout the entire sales cycle. “My clients trust me because of that,” she says. “They know I’ll always deliver and make them look good.” Today’s technology makes it so easy to just talk without listening and saying things without meaning them, so this is a simple and important thing to do. Whether it’s a follow-up email or phone call or sending a document or information to a customer, you’re building trust and credibility with your customers. They know that when you say something, you do it.

Finally, you may have to challenge your customer in order to be successful. Debe likes to “challenge by educating”, where she uses her “years of experience and wisdom” to challenge their perceptions of their pain points. By sharing her experience with other customers with them, she’s able to better illustrate how to overcome those pain points and achieve their goals.

Closing Massive Deals without Pitching

In fact, Debe has used this last method to win her biggest and most challenging customers. Telling them that they’re on the wrong path or potentially walking away from a prospect because they’re unwilling to change their perspective earns you credibility with your customer or prospect. “It’s one of the sharpest tools in my toolbox,” Debe says.

I enjoyed listening to Debe’s interview with Scott and hearing about how she’s been able to be a top sales performer through some challenging economic times. Are you ready to be like Debe and “do the right thing by your customers”?

To hear more from Debe, click on over to the Sales Success Podcast.

Menaka Raman-Wilms
Customer Success Manager
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