Protecting Your Data

At Nudge, we realize that building the features to provide deep insights into your network is only half the equation.  We also need to ensure that every piece of data you entrust us with is kept secure.

The team is dedicated to ensure that everything we do enhances and maintains the security of your data.  The following are some of the key ways that we keep your data secure.

Physical Security

We are hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers, which provide industry leading physical data center security, environmental controls, and network monitoring.

Encryption and Storage

We use the latest standards for encryption of data both at rest and in transit.  Automated data retention rules are used to ensure that only the needed amount of data is retained.

Data Usage and Privacy

Nudge takes data usage very seriously and performs all functions in accordance to defined sensitivity levels of the data.  Customer data is only used to perform or improve the service, for billing purposes, or at the customer’s request.

Privacy Controls and Compliance

We allow users to view, modify, and delete information they own.  We comply with privacy regulations such as the European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).  Nudge’s approach to GDPR is available here.

Data Recovery

Automated data backup processes are used to ensure that any needed data is backed up and recoverable.  Tests of the data recovery process are performed regularly to ensure success.

Operational Security

Nudge uses industry-leading approaches to access security, authorization, monitoring, alerting, and approval mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel access production systems for appropriate purposes.

Penetration and Security Testing

Nudge performs regular security and penetration tests at multiple levels, both internally, and via third-party expert services.

Integrated Services

We use the most secure method available to access other services.  We use OAuth2 to authorize securely and avoid storing username and password credentials when technically feasible.    

Incident Awareness and Reporting

Nudge communicates all known technical and/or security incidents via our status page at

Nudge has a bug bounty program that provides a structure for providing monetary rewards for the discovery of previously undiscovered, important security issues, as detailed on the bug bounty program page.

Nudge welcomes the communication of any concerns, incidents, vulnerabilities, or issues that are discovered.  Please communicate any concerns to