Nudge in 90 seconds – Set List Cadences

 In Nudge in 90 seconds

By tracking your relationships and leveraging relationship intelligence, Nudge can let you know when it’s time to reach out.

The easiest way to do this is to set a cadence on your lists.

Click on any lists from your homepage sidebar, or click the lists tab in the top menu, and choose a list.

At the top, you’ll see a cadence meter.

You can set the meter to any cadence you want, from 1 week, to 1 year, or you have the option of no cadence.

If you want to stay close with the people in the list, Nudge recommends a 2-3 week cadence, and if you don’t want to lose touch, we recommend 3 or 6 months.

Once you set your cadence, Nudge automatically tracks if you get in touch with those contacts.

If you haven’t reached out to them within that time, they’ll appear under your cadence tab.

Just click Outreach, and then Cadence to see them.

Every couple of weeks, you’ll want to check that tab to see who you need to still reach out to.

You can click To Do to put them on your To Do list, or click Craft Message to send them an email using Nudge insights.

Since you’ll have different lists for different groups of contacts, you can set unique cadences on each of your lists.

This makes it easier than ever to maintain your relationships.


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