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SiriusDecisions TechX 2018

The SiriusDecisions TechX event is for B2B marketing and sales professionals who want to know how best to put technology to work to deliver on business goals. Centred around the themes of ‘How Technology Can Fuel Your Revenue Engine’ and ‘How Technology Enables the Seamless Experience B2B Customers Expect’, TechX is taking a look at what businesses need to support multiple business models, from account-based to e-commerce, and enabling companies’ ability to deliver on their brand promise through exceptional buyer and post-sale customer engagement.

The organizations who are set up for success are those who are most open to these new ideas, and thus are those companies who have the strongest business networks.

To celebrate those companies that are doing this right, here is the Most Connected Companies at SiriusDecisions TechX 2018 list.

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The List

What is Most Connected?

Most Connected is a resource that showcases the most networked companies. According to Harvard Business Review, in today’s business environment, relationships are the key factor in what makes a successful brand. And now, relationship intelligence solutions can identify which companies have the strongest sets of relationships. is showcasing the companies that are most set up for success based on the strong networks of their employees.  

Companies are ranked on a number of factors including how many relationships their employees have, how strong those relationships are, and how many companies those relationships stretch across. For more detail on how Nudge measures and analyzes relationships, see here.


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