Nudge in 90 seconds – Slack Nudgebot Integration

 In Nudge in 90 seconds

Nudge integrates with Slack, which make it easier than ever to get your news and social updates.

By using sales artificial intelligence, Nudge will give you information about your customers and accounts right within Slack.

This is a feature of Nudge Team.

Once your team has integrated Slack, all you have to do is start a Direct Message with @nudge.

Then you can ask what’s happening with your customers and accounts.


You can ask questions like:

What’s happening at Shopfiy?

Or what’s going on at Shopify?


And it will give you all the current news on that company.

This is a great way to get updates before you head into a meeting.


You can also ask it questions like:

Who knows Victoria Bull at Allocadia?

Who do I know at ScribbleLive?


You can also get regular updates on your lists’ news without even going into the app.

Just ask nudge to follow your account list, by telling it the specific name, like Follow my Q1 Accounts List.

Then it will give you news updates on those companies 3 times at day: at 8am, noon, and 4pm.

This makes sure you never miss an opportunity at an account.


Access accounts through your network.

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