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Engagement Opportunities for Authentic Conversations

Nudge uses artificial intelligence to provide a stream of proactive engagement opportunities on customers so you’re always armed with insights.

nudge news mentions

Contact & Company Insights You Care About

Always have the perfect reason to reach out to your customers without wasting hours on research.


Nudge automatically scans news and social feeds to find the latest updates on the contacts and companies you care about, providing you with a constant stream of real-time engagement opportunities.

Buying Signals That Help You Sell

Getting notified every time your customer is mentioned in the news becomes more annoying than it is useful – fast.


Nudge uses AI to personalize customer alerts according to unique trigger events that provide you with the most relevant sales opportunities.

nudge sales triggers

nudge cadence

Keep Your Deals in Motion

Never let a deal fall through the cracks by forgetting to follow-up. Nudge makes it dead simple to create reminders for every decision maker.


And, Nudge integrates with your communications tools to automatically let you know when it’s time to reach out based on your ideal follow-up time.

  • "Instead of using a bunch of tools and spending hours each week on research, Nudge uses AI to automatically find insights on our target accounts. I’m really impressed with how well Nudge fits into an account-based sales model, and I'm excited to be rolling it out for our entire North American sales team."

    Tim Peters
    Tim Peters VP of Revenue Operations and Marketing, ScribbleLive

Relationship Insights for Smarter Selling

Nudge constantly tracks customer interactions to better understand and leverage the strength of relationships.

nudge collaborators

Access Your Target Accounts

Tired of nobody responding to your outbound efforts? There’s a smarter way to break into accounts.


Nudge tracks relationship strength to identify which contacts in your company, or in its extended network, have the best access to target accounts.

Keep Your Best Customers Engaged

Never be the one who loses a customer to low engagement. Since Nudge tracks relationship strength, you’ll know when it’s time to reach out to key accounts before it’s too late.


Optimize your outreach efforts by focusing on prospects with whom you may be losing touch.

nudge losing touch

nudge team conversations

Know Who Owns the Customer Relationship

Who is already having conversations at your target accounts? Until now, unless your team actively logged these activities, there’s no easy way of you knowing.


Nudge automatically tracks conversations to show you who on your team is already speaking to contacts at key accounts so you don’t step on anyone’s deal.

  • "Our company is experiencing massive growth right now. Since Nudge tracks relationship strength, it intelligently notifies our sales team right within our inbox, with key insights on contacts and accounts, freeing up more time to sell."

    Kyle Norton
    Kyle Norton Coach, Sales, League Inc.

Enhance Your Workflow Instead of Disrupting It

Nudge has out of the box integrations that seamlessly enhance the tools you already rely on every day.

nudge integrations salesloft


Instant relationship insights in the quintessential CRM. Salesforce data can easily be imported into Nudge to create lists, targets, and territories. Then, with one click in Salesforce, you can see how strong your relationships are and who on your team – or extended network – has access to key accounts.

Marketo & Oracle Marketing Cloud

Engage buyers when they are most likely to convert. Nudge integrates with your marketing systems to show you when prospects are engaging with events and activities. You can see which resources they’re interested in, which pages they visit, and other triggers to help you reach out at the right time.

Slack Sales Assistant

Consult your very own AI sales assistant about target accounts directly in Slack. Nudgebot for Slack will do your sales grunt work to find news, social and relationship insights on an account or a whole list in seconds –– all without leaving your favorite team communication platform.


Don’t break your cadence. Nudge integrates directly with SalesLoft to provide insights on contacts and companies in their world-class sales outreach platform. Now, you can communicate with target accounts while knowing you and your team’s relationship strength with key contacts.

Nudge for Chrome

Get insights as you write emails in Gmail, Google Inbox, Outlook, and Office 365, including the latest personal mentions, company news, and social activity. And, as you browse the web, Nudge for Chrome automatically scans pages for mentions of contacts and companies to pull the latest insights on them. Learn more

Gmail, Google Inbox, & Office 365

Bring relationships back to your inbox. Nudge syncs with your email, contacts, and calendar information to track the quantity and quality of engagement with your prospects and customers.

Account-Based Marketing Integrations

Nudge seamlessly integrates with your marketing automation systems to optimize marketing activities based on sales engagement levels. 


  • "Nudge provides visibility into how well we are engaging customers by tracking the strength of relationships between our customer success managers and key accounts. This insight helps us strategically focus our time and energy to grow customer relationships."

    Jocelyn Brown
    Jocelyn Brown VP Customer Success, Allocadia

Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

Nudge integrates with your existing sales tools to start tracking data and provide actionable insights from the moment you get started.

nudge account engagement

Save Accounts at Risk Before It’s Too Late

Do you really know how engaged your accounts are based on the data your reps log?  Only Nudge lets you see the relationship strength of your entire team with contacts across a company.


With Nudge, you can see if you are getting the right level of engagement as a deal moves through the pipeline – or with customers day-to-day – so you can take the best action to close and retain accounts.

Retain Customers With Multiple Champions

Don’t lose an account when your champion disappears. Nudge lets you zero in to find accounts that have only a few points of contact or even a single thread.


Start with this report for visibility, then start engaging multiple influencers across your accounts so you can prevent relationship attrition issues early.

nudge account relationships

nudge team activity

Automatic Activity Tracking

What does the volume of engagement activities from a top performer look like compared to the average rep? Do you have any visibility besides what your reps are logging?


Nudge automatically tracks email and meeting activities by integrating with your communication tools to provide you with out of the box reports from day one. 

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