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Social Selling at Sunrise is a short and actionable blog series where we ask top sales leaders to share their expert response to this question:


What’s the most impactful social selling tactic that a modern sales professional can add to their morning routine?


This week we asked Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life, “The Company of Record” for social selling:

Monitoring the #1 trigger for kick-starting a contextual conversation with new prospects… the job change alert.

Monitoring the decision-makers, champions and influencers who once leveraged your solution, but have now moved onto other companies that meet your Ideal Customer Profile.

These are your ADVOCATES, in a power position to bring your solution into their new company.

Jamie gets straight to the point with his advice. Your morning routine should focus on listening to your network for contextual triggers that will get you back in contact with key decision makers who are already your advocates.


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Here’s a snapshot of what Jamie is talking about on Twitter:


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