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Social Selling at Sunrise with Jill Rowley

By Kevin Hurley in Social Selling
#SocialSelling at Sunrise with @Jill_Rowley - Be Visible AND Valuable
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Social Selling at Sunrise is a short and actionable blog series where we ask top sales leaders to share their expert response to this question:


What’s the most impactful social selling tactic that a modern sales professional can add to their morning routine?


This week we asked Jill Rowley, #SocialSelling Evangelist, Keynote Speaker and Startup Advisor.

Jill was features by Forbes as one of the top Social Sales leaders from across the globe and has 16 years of SaaS experience under her belt.

Before I get out of bed, I scan LinkedIn and Twitter for interesting conversations and content being shared by the people in my social networks.

I read, like, comment, RT, and share information and insights so I can be visible and valuable.

While in the car and at the gym, I listen to podcasts and watch videos and Tweet the most compelling points — always giving attribution to the source — making me visible and valuable to even more people who are oftentimes the smarty pants people in the industry: analysts, consultants, journalists, experts, thought leaders, and trailblazing practitioners.

The many benefits of this routine include: learning, brand building, establishing credibility, earning trust, helping others, and building relationships.

All of these outcomes lead to booking meetings, building pipeline, closing business, helping customers be successful, and earning customers for life.

Benefits of #SocialSelling = Earning Customers for Life w/ @jill_rowley
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There are very few leaders who are more engaged and passionate about the work they advocate than Jill. It’s no question that as a modern B2B sales leader you must be hungry for knowledge and act as a value-adding-filter between the firehose of information out there and the relationships you’re trying to build.

Being “visible and valuable” to your network takes dedication. It’s a habit that you must start now in order to build trust with your network and, as you can see from above, earn customers for life. If you have any questions, engage with Jill from the options below!


Follow Jill on Twitter @Jill_Rowley

Check out her posts on LinkedIn

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Here’s a snapshot of the value Jill shares on Twitter:



Stay tuned for next week with Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life – the “Company of Record” for Social Selling.

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