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Social Selling at Sunrise with Tim Hughes

By Kevin Hurley in Social Selling
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Social Selling at Sunrise is a short and actionable blog series where we ask top sales leaders to share their expert response to this question:


What’s the most impactful social selling tactic that a modern sales professional can add to their morning routine?


This week we asked Tim Hughes, UK Business Development Director at Oracle, who has been recognized as one of the top influencers in B2B social selling and modern networking. Here’s what Tim had to say:


“My day begins at 05:00, after feeding Tiger the cat (he won’t let me start anything until he’s fed).

I’ll have breakfast and fill my “Buffer” up, this allows me to Tweet all day and do a day’s work. When I get in the evening, I also fill Buffer up to allow me to reach followers in the US and Far East.

Fill up your Buffer with breakfast so you can Tweet AND do a day's work @Timothy_Hughes
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Also allow myself two posts on LinkedIn a day, one that I will post during this session eating my breakfast and the second post, again to reach the US and Far East Followers.

If I’m travelling into London to meet with customers, will also use Flipboard or other content curation tools to keep up-to-date with the latest articles and will share anything I feel is interesting.

Typically, during lunchtime I check the news and my inbox to see if there any interesting articles and Tweet or post on LinkedIn or Facebook.”

Keeping your network engaged and growing is no easy feat. It’s clear that Tim truly understands how to leverage the latest tools to save time and keep him on track. If you have any questions for Tim, feel free to connect with him from the options below!

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Check out his blog at


Here’s a quick snapshot of what Tim is Tweeting about:

Stay tuned for our next feature with Jill Rowley, #SocialSelling evangelist who was named by Forbes as one of the top social salespeople across the globe!

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