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Spotlight Series: Proactively Engaging a Network of Business Opportunities with Diana Dyer

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Networking

Earlier this month we sat down with Diana Dyer, President and Founder of Triumph Capital Limited. Diana shared how she thinks about networking, and the ways in which Nudge has helped her team stay organized and engaged.

Proactively Engaging a Network of Business Opportunities with @Diana_M_Dyer @triumphTO
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Nudge: Why do you like to use Nudge?

Diana: I think it’s brought a great sense of awareness to me, really about the way relationships are cultivated. Everyone is so busy, and it doesn’t matter how organized you think you are, things always slip through the cracks.

When trying to grow your network, or when dealing with large volumes of leads, accounts or contacts, it can be difficult to stay engaged and up to speed on everything. This is something that everyone runs into.

Triumph is a financial service and advisory brokerage, and so we have a network of external brokers, interns and brokers in-house. So in past we’ve used CRMs, such as Salesforce, to manage our process, but we’ve found them to be quite antiquated. We still use Salesforce, we’ve used it for years for day-to-day tracking – but, to be honest, I use it less now that I have Nudge.

Also, Nudge is really engaging, and that brings in younger users. In financial services we’re lacking younger advisors, so having a tool like this, something that people actually want to use at work, is invaluable.

I like how Nudge prompts me to be aware of my relationships @Diana_M_Dyer @triumphTO
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Nudge: How does Nudge fit into your overall networking process?

Diana: I find that it’s now the first place I go to every morning when I open my computer. I go directly to Nudge, and I first look at my active relationships. I like to go over who I’ve been in touch with, and then I go to see people that I’ve lost touch with. It really allows me to pinpoint those people and go back to them, and it prompts me to be more aware of these relationships.  

I also go to trending content, I really love that part of the app. Every day I take a look and usually find something interesting, so from there I end up posting or tweeting articles. So right away I’m sharing valuable content and getting out there.

Nudge: What do you think are the benefits of having your team on Nudge?

Diana: When you understand the importance of nurturing leads and growing a block of business, a tool like Nudge is ideal to see the progress of moving customers through the system. It would have tremendous benefit for all of our advisors and brokers, and they’re starting to use it.

But I honestly think Nudge would be ideal for any sales rep at any firm, because of the way it helps you organize yourself. It lets you see everything through the lens of your own contacts, and so often you don’t even need to look any further, because suddenly there are all these possibilities right there.

Nudge lets you see the possibilities and opportunities within your own network @Diana_M_Dyer @triumphTO
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Nudge: What’s the best way to network and build meaningful connections with people?

Diana: Well, I’m a big believer in relationships. I think building rock-solid, meaningful, authentic relationships are probably the key to any business. It’s the same across the board, it’s the most important thing.

I think that a big part of networking is just being involved in as many different things as you can. These things can be part of your business, but just also being in the community, volunteering your time, just constantly meeting new people. It’s about getting out there and being the most authentic version of yourself that you can possibly be. And I think that using online tools to help do that, is, probably, the best way to make that happen.

Menaka Raman-Wilms
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