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Tim Hughes Interview with Paul Teshima On the Impact of AI on Sales

By Jaxson Khan in Artificial Intelligence

AI is on the upswing. Everyone is talking about how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks are impacting everything from drug research to mass automation. But what about some of the medium-term impacts, such as AI on sales?

According to Salesforce, nearly half of sales teams say their top challenge is ‘excessive administrative tasks’ leaving them without enough time to sell. Further research suggests that sales reps spend about 66% of their time not selling.

So, sales reps are doing too much administrative work. Although – as it turns out – AI could help with this immensely. AI could enable salespeople to spend far more time with customers by handling the grunt work. To allow the salesperson of the future to come into being, we must enable salespeople to move past tedious data entry.

In this interview, the #1 most influential Social Selling Expert and best-selling author Tim Hughes talks with Nudge.ai CEO Paul Teshima about AI’s impact on sales. They believe we need to embrace AI to free up time from mundane tasks, so that sales can focus on the customer.

Interview with Tim Hughes and Paul Teshima: AI on Sales


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