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Top Sales Development Tools

By Jaxson Khan in Sales

It takes a lot of empathy, grit, and drive to succeed in sales. You need to know your customers very well and how to bounce back from rejection quickly. And that’s not all. Today’s sales professional also needs a wide range of technology to help you manage everything.

Here are the top sales development tools that’ll help you succeed in today’s competitive environment. We’ve categorized them by:



Unlock and prioritize new prospects in your pipeline by using the predictive intelligence of 6sense to accurately forecast customers’ purchasing behavior in a specific context. 6sense adds a data-driven layer to your sales cycle.


This app specializes in value messaging, metrics verification, and value selling to help you justify the costs of purchasing their products. Enhances your sales team’s ability to pitch, articulate, and quantify your products’ value to prospects.


A sales forecasting tool, Aviso gives sales teams visibility into all areas of their sales cycles, so they can see pipeline health and prioritize leads better.


Bombora collects and analyzes data from a variety of sources to identify which of your prospects orgs are actively searching for your branded solution so you can prioritize your prospecting better.


Clari provides insights on prospects’ readiness to buy, giving your team the knowledge and perspective they need to assess prospects and take action at the right time.


InsightSquared provides sales analytics to help your team make better sales decisions.


A data quality tool that helps reduce duplicate information and cleans your sales data dynamically, whether it was entered manually, comes from a web form, or is imported from other data systems.


An AI-powered tool that identifies and standardizes winning sales team behavior, including sales forecasts, allowing managers to make better organization decisions.


TrustSphere surfaces insights about your network and relationships to unlock their value and increase your sales team’s effectiveness.


Chorus ,, and ExecVision

Record and transcribe sales conversations automatically for analysis and insight to help sales training and conversions.


Helps sales pros with their outreach and messaging, by centralizing call lists, voicemails, email templates, notifications, social media messaging, and more.

Content sharing


Use Allbound to centralize sales and marketing content so SDRs can curate content for accounts better.


AI-powered content curation platform for SDRs that provides real-time alerts to identify how prospects are interacting with the content, so you can curate content better.


ClearSlide is a content management tool that incorporates content curation, analytics, and smart messaging, so you can use it for outbound sales, but also internal communication and training.


A contract management platform that helps sales teams eliminate legal bottlenecks and enforce compliance standards more easily.


A centralized content management app for sales professionals, so you can curate content more easily and engage prospects with the right content at the right time.


Guru provides situational information and access to marketing content on demand to sales pros that match the sales cycle.


Automatically recommends the perfect resources for every sales situation, so the sales team is consistently sharing the right content with customers at every stage of the sales cycle.

Email management

Cirrus Insight

Gives deal-closing insight right in your email inbox, as it connects Salesforce and your email accounts. Sync actions and data between the two as you work, eliminating the need for manual Salesforce entry or syncs.

Reply helps sales pros scale outbound emails through automated campaigns that are just as personalized as individually crafted emails.


SalesLoft is the Sales Engagement Platform to power your success. We help companies believe in their product, their process, and their people.


The Outreach Sales Engagement Platform helps efficiently and effectively engage prospects to drive more pipeline and close more deals.

SenderGen and Sigstr

Fine tune email signatures with these two tools, so you can insert personalized banners and messages into your emails with leads, prospects, and customers.

Performance management

Ambition and Altify

Identify the sales metrics that have the greatest impact on your business and then incentivize sales teams who perform best on those metrics. Both of these apps use leaderboards to establish transparency and accountability, real-time scorecards to focus people, and data analytics to ramp up performance.


Use HireVue to discover, assess, and train top sales talent, whether they’re new to your team or one of your veterans.


Create and sustain a culture of sales excellence with Hoopla through dynamic leaderboards and visualized metrics to drive staff engagement and motivate them to do their best. Integrates with your tech stack to pull in all the data and metrics you need.

Learndot and PointForward

Train sales teams quickly and cost-efficiently with either of these apps. Onboard new hires, reinforce deal-winning skills, and establish best practices that consistently deliver positive results in every sales scenario.


Use MindTickle to guide sales teams across the selling cycle with structured learning paths, role-play, and analytics to ensure sales readiness.

Lead management (lead gen, productivity, and prospecting)


Powered by automation and machine learning, Cognism helps you accelerate prospecting activities by sifting through data and identifying buyer personas most likely to engage with your brand, saving you time and effort.


An AI-driven tool that automates, streamlines, and upscales lead contact and qualification processes. The AI engages leads and customers automatically with natural language communication and content until they’re ready to speak to a human.


DataFox identifies new prospects who are likely to respond positively to your messages by using machine learning to sift through all of your customer data.


This tool automates the information gathering activities you do on a daily basis when preparing to speak with prospects and leads. It saves you time and effort so you can focus on higher-value tasks, like polishing their pitch and closing deals.


An AI-powered tool that analyzes sales and marketing information and then curates it dynamically for you during sales calls and presentations.


While they offer a suite of CRM and other marketing tools, the one most applicable to sales is the inbound marketing tools. They help sales teams increase customer reach and engagement with data gathering tools.


Using web tracking, real-time notifications, and powerful analytics, KickFire identifies which products and services resonate most with key audiences and scores the prospects to help you prioritize their work.


Integrates geo-analytics, mapping, and geo-productivity features into your CRM stack so you can address prospects’ location-sensitive obstacles.


An AI-powered tool for customer engagement, Nudge analyzes prospect behavioral patterns and gives SDRs real-time recommendations on how to contact them at every stage of the engagement cycle. It integrates with your entire tech stack (CRM, email, social media) to provide actionable information just when needed.


Reachable identifies the best point person to engage or request referrals from when reaching out to prospects, helping you generate value and increase productivity.


Troops uses a conversational AI to help you get the information you need from your tech stack via a Slackbot, saving you time and effort.

Sales and market intelligence


Uncover real-time and relevant insights about customers and prospects to understand the market better, qualify prospects more intelligently, and maintain customer engagement that yield better results.


Combine accurate sales and marketing intelligence with DiscoverOrg to funnel marketing-qualified leads into the sales pipeline. The behavioral triggers in the app will notify you that a prospect is ready to buy only when it’s time and the updated prospect org charts help identify the right decision maker to speak to.


An AI-powered intelligence platform that analyzes prospect information and buying signals to surface high-fit accounts who are actively ready to buy.

There you are, the top sales development tools that’ll help you succeed today. Which ones have you used? Are there any top ones we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.


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