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Two Eloqua Co-Founders Launch New Social Selling Platform

By Jaxson Khan in Nudge News

Steve Woods and Paul Teshima, two of the co-founders of Eloqua, announced the launch of Nudge Software, a new company that will specialize in social selling tools.

The product — coming soon according to Wood’s Twitter account — will help sales professionals build high-quality relationships through small “nudges” on social media.

“Social selling should start by focusing on leveraging fundamental sales skills in this new medium for communication,” according to blog post on the company’s web site. “All trusted relationships take time and effort. Even sending a simple ‘just-checking-in-email,’ make take hours of research to craft the right content, so that it will get a good response. [The company] does not believe that social media changes the fundamentals of how to nurture business relationships, and at the most basic level it starts with sending/delivering/calling messages that get your contact’s attention.”

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