See Opportunities, Avoid Toes. Know About All Current Conversations
Know about every conversation your team is having with a prospect or customer. Surface new opportunities, and avoid looking uncoordinated.
See Opportunities, Avoid Toes. Know About All Current Conversations
See all active conversations
Business moves quickly and complex deals involve many active conversations. You need to know, in real-time, who is talking to who, what conversations have happened, and who is working on the deal.
Find opportunities
Large organizations may have mutliple groups engaging with your team, and unaware of each other. One group may already be a customer while another group is early in their decision cycle. Strategic opportunities can come out of being aware of all conversations. Strategic blunders come out of being blind to this dynamic. Know every conversation across all groups so you can navigate complex deals confidently and accurately.
Avoid stepping on toes
If a buyer thinks you are unaware of who on your team is currently in conversations with them, they are unlikely to think you should be trusted with more complicated operations. Each time your team “steps on toes” by not being aware of an existing dialog, you risk losing the trust of the customer or prospect.
Know when outreach has happened
Knowing of existing conversations is valuable. However, knowing where conversations don’t exist, but should, can be equally or more valuable. Perfect visibility into conversations lets you see where executive outreach has been missed, where legal has not yet been engaged, or where a conversation has gone silent. Any single challenge can kill a deal. Know of every missed conversation before it has a chance to create a problem.